A Little About Lauren

Hi, my name is Lauren Greer and I am currently attending the University of South Alabama where I am majoring in Elementary Education. I graduated from Daphne High School in 2006 and did three years at faulkner. I am very excited and anxious to start my teaching career.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Experience

I Have only been around the "teaching atmosphere" for about two years now and i have to say it has only made me stronger. Teaching two to three year olds is a lot different from what i will be teaching in the future but it makes me strive to be the best teacher. Working at my job everyday gets me excited to finish school and get into the classroom so i can make a difference in education but i am very thankful for the experience i have now with my job. It is very beneficial for my future career.

Technology for Teachers

Technology in classrooms is becoming a fast growing trend. Let's do away with textbooks and do some Internet research. In my future classroom, I'm sure there will be a hundred new technologies to use from today's generation and that will make education more exciting and memorable. Videocasts is something i am very interested in and it's something the students are crazy about. They have so much fun getting in front of the camera and giving their opinions and proving they are the smartest ones in the classroom. Podcasts are excellent, voicethreads, blogging, educational video games, computer assignments are excellent ideas and ways to get children into technology. I can't wait to see how technology is used in the future.

Why a teacher?

I remember when i was a kid playing school with my sister's and we would take turns being the teacher and the student. I did not know then what i wanted to be but i do know i wanted to make an impact. The day i decided i wanted to be a teacher was when my mother (who is a teacher) came home one night and started grading papers on the same subjects i was learning in school. That is when i knew i wanted to teach, so i can teach students and influence them in a positive way. I want to give my future students a fun and educational experience and show them that their education is the most important thing they will ever own. I want these students to go after their dreams and goals and help them further their knowledge of what they can be when they grow up. I just want to be a part of those children's lives as their mentor and teacher.

Get up and experiment !

I believe that children learn more and have more self-esteem when they are up and moving around while learning and not sitting in their seats focusing. As teachers, we need students to get hands-on projects and homework experiments to resharpin their learning tools and become more involved. Let the students prove who they are and what they are capable of, let them show the class why they are a good classmate, let them prove to the teacher why we should have faith in them and let them express themselves with education. Sitting in their desk and doing assignment after assignment is part of the educational experience but if they get up and get involved it will only make that experience incredibly life-altering.